Digital eco-system ‘designed to simplify the complexities faced by estate agents’

digital-eco-system-‘designed-to-simplify-the-complexities-faced-by-estate-agents’ is ramping up its PR to highlight what it describes as the ‘transformative benefits’ of its digital eco-system aimed at estate agents seeking to optimise their lead generation, nurturing, and conversion processes.

This integrated approach aims to provide a streamlined, efficient, and highly effective method for managing leads from initial contact to final conversion.

According to Richard Combellack, chief commercial officer at, a true digital eco-system encompasses a holistic, integrated landscape that captures leads through various methods such as pay-per-click advertising, qualifies these leads, and then guides them on a nurturing journey to conversion. This approach ensures that each lead is processed in a manner that maximises the potential for successful conversion.

Combellack elaborates on the concept: “Our eco-system is designed to simplify the complexities faced by estate agents. By reducing the number of disparate tools and platforms agents need to use, we provide a seamless experience that covers all stages of the lead journey. Unlike other methods that often treat lead generation and lead nurturing as separate entities, our eco-system integrates them into one continuous, cohesive process.”

He says that at its core, the eco-system functions as a sophisticated sales funnel.

At the top of this funnel are companies like Starberry and The Property Jungle, which focus on generating and capturing leads through activities such as social media advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, websites, and portal lead capture. These leads are then funnelled into the LeadPro platform for qualification, where they are assessed and either routed to an agent for immediate follow-up or entered into a nurturing journey via BriefYourMarket, which develops the lead until it is ready to convert.

“The nurturing process is crucial in transforming potential leads into actual clients. With the support of Yomdel, a chatbot that manages interactions from sources such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and live chat on agent websites, agents can ensure no lead is missed. Yomdel can also schedule appointments directly into agents’ diaries, further streamlining the process,” he added.

“Our eco-system doesn’t just capture leads; it manages them through their entire journey, ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked,” said Combellack. “From initial contact to final conversion, every step is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible. Additionally, services like mystery shopping and market research through KnowYourMarket allow us to continuously reassess and refine our processes, ensuring we deliver optimum results.”

Combellack says one of the key advantages of the eco-system is its ability to provide detailed insights into the cost of each lead and the return on investment (ROI) for agents.

“Understanding the ROI and the cost per lead empowers agents to make informed decisions about their lead generation strategies,” Combellack added. “This level of insight is invaluable for optimising marketing spend and improving overall business performance.”

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