‘Housing sector is at an important crossroads’ following no-confidence vote

Vaughan Gething was visibly upset after yesterday’s vote

The Welsh first minister Vaughan Gething lost a vote of no confidence yesterday, but dismissed the motion as a “gimmick” and pledged to carry on in the role – but will he provide the much-needed stability for the country’s housing market needs?

Gething lost the vote with 29 voting against and 27 for. The motion of no confidence was put forward by the Conservatives, the largest opposition group in the Senedd (Welsh parliament).

Gething has only been first minister since March, but in that time he has faced questions over a controversial £200,000 donation to his leadership campaign from a man convicted of environmental offences.

Insisting he would stay in his post, the first minister called the motion a “transparent gimmick” and said he is proud to serve his country.

“To serve and lead my country. That’s what I’ve done today. That’s what I’ll carry on doing,” he said.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has given his backing to the party’s leader in Wales, telling reporters on the campaign trail Gething was doing a “good job”.

However, Tim Thomas, policy and campaigns officer at Propertymark, expressed the urgent need for clarity and stability to ensure confidence in the Welsh housing market.

Speaking after yesterday’s vote, he said: “The Welsh housing sector is at an important crossroads. Pivotal to the Welsh government’s housing policy aims are clarity and sustainability of leadership.

“As a matter of urgency, Vaughan Gething must clarify his position to enable the Welsh government to concentrate on how it will increase the supply of housing in all tenures, improve standards, and support landlords and agents with current legislation.

“Regardless of who leads the Senedd, they must use this opportunity to rule out rent controls and improve affordability by implementing a review of all property taxation.”

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