How To Get More Bookings For Your Airbnb Property

Whether you’re using Airbnb, or VRBO, if your short term rental isn’t getting bookings, then it will never be a success.

Our Serviced Accommodation expert, Kevin Poneskis, recommends that your Airbnb listing (or any short term rentals) should achieve an average of 70-75% occupancy rate in order to hit that profitable sweet spot.

The more bookings on Airbnb you acquire, will lead to an increased number of positive reviews, the chance to achieve superhost status, the opportunity to attract even more guests as well as the most important aspect – higher revenue and more profits in your bank account.

So, let’s deep dive into how you can get more bookings for your Airbnb property.

Decorating Your Airbnb Property

There’s around 7 million listings around the world on Airbnb, so competition is high to make your property stand out on the platform.

You can choose to go down one of two paths when it comes to decorating your Airbnb, either minimalist or maximalist.

Choosing minimalist means choosing sleek, modern, clean looking decor and furniture. Think less is more.

Choosing maximalist means bright colours, extravagant designs and unique pieces. Think bold is beautiful.

Either way there will be a guest for you, stick with your choice and go all out.

Guests like a theme, so if your property is a warehouse loft in the middle of a bustling city, embrace exposed brick and industrial furniture, or if your property is near the beach embrace turquoise blues and wicker furniture.

They also love thoughtful design areas, and these will really help your property stand out over your competition. For example, install a coffee station in your kitchen nook, add a dressing table with perfect lighting to your bedroom, or a workstation to your living room to appeal to remote workers. The more thought out and multifunctional your space is, the more your guests will love it.

Optimising Your Listing for Maximum Appeal

Crafting a Compelling Listing Title & Description

When it comes to listing your serviced accommodation property on short term rental sites such as Airbnb the first thing you need to do is have a strong and engaging title and description.

This is the first interaction potential guests will have with your property, it’s best to make a good impression. Make sure it captures their attention and intrigues them to make them want to read more.

Your Airbnb listing description should highlight unique features and benefits your property has, such as a hot tub, sauna, being eco friendly, having a roof terrace etc. Tell your potential guests why your property is special and they should choose it over anyone else’s.

Your title and description should also set expectations. Don’t have “Central London” in your listing title, if your property is actually in any other area apart from Zone 1. Accurately describe your property’s layout, amenities, and any limitations, to make sure you avoid misunderstandings and ensure guests have a clear picture of what they’ll experience.

We highly recommend getting professional photos taken of your serviced accommodation property before listing it on any rental sites. Don’t worry about paying one time for a photographer to take aesthetically pleasing photos, you will make back your ROI many times in guest bookings.

High quality, well lit photographs will always win over guests compared to dark, blurry ones. Make sure to prioritise natural light by having your curtains/blinds open so that your guests can envision walking into a sunny space – and don’t have professional photographs taken at night.

Make sure your photos showcase key areas and amenities within your property so that potential guests can imagine themselves in your serviced accommodation property and using all of its features.

Your pricing strategy for an Airbnb property should be well-thought-out to maximise bookings and revenue while also considering market conditions, guest preferences, and your property’s unique features.

Before setting your pricing strategy you need to research other Airbnb properties in your local area and understand pricing trends. It is now easier than ever to do this using software such as AirDNA which gives you access to some of the most accurate and comprehensive short term rental data in the world.

You should take into consideration high and low seasons, such as summer, Christmas, Easter etc before setting competitive prices. Peak seasons and holidays can justify higher rates, while off-peak times may require discounted rates to attract guests.

Adjusting pricing also applies to weekends versus weekdays, as well as demand for local, one-off events such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions etc.

Offering discounts for longer stays will also incentivise guests to book for multiple nights. This can help you secure bookings for extended periods.

Calculate your costs of hosting, including cleaning fees, utilities, maintenance, and any other expenses. Your pricing should also cover these costs while allowing for a reasonable profit margin.

Enhancing Guest Experience and Satisfaction

Exceptional Customer Service

As an Airbnb host, the one way you can differentiate yourself is by going above and beyond and providing exceptional customer service. This is essential for creating positive guest experiences, building a good reputation, and increasing the likelihood of good reviews and repeat bookings.

The most prominent way to offer good customer service to your Airbnb guests is to provide clear and prompt communication. This means effective communication before, during, and after their stay. Time is of the essence, and guests appreciate prompt response rate to their enquiries, booking requests, and messages as well as clear communication about check-in instructions, house rules, and amenities.

It is also important to promptly address enquiries, concerns and issues while the guest is staying at your serviced accommodation property. If the Wi-Fi isn’t working, the key code doesn’t, something is missing from the property and so on, it’s best that you’re able to reply immediately to resolve these issues instead of leaving the guest feeling stranded.

It’s true that guests appreciate the small, personal touches that show their Airbnb host has added that little extra personal touch.

Items such as a welcome basket, bottle of wine, fresh fruit, breakfast items, tea, coffee snacks, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, salt, pepper, cooking oil and more will always be appreciated.

What about offering some local delicacies? Such as scones and clotted cream if your property is based in Cornwall or Welsh cakes if your property is in Wales. Whatever you add, pairing it with a personalised note will also be an extra thoughtful touch.

Including a house manual in your welcome basket will keep your guests well informed and reduce the chances of them having to get in touch with you to ask further questions. This manual could include WiFi username and password, information about the best local restaurants and bars, local taxi companies, recommended nearby attractions and more.

No one wants to stay in a dirty property. Cleanliness should be at the top of your priority list. Your Airbnb property should be cleaned thoroughly, with new bed sheets and towels provided for every new guest.

If you feel like your property is getting worn out and looking a bit tired, your guests will notice this too and possibly comment about it when leaving reviews for future guests to see. Make sure you stay on top of the upkeep with fresh coats of paint and replacing broken or old items to ensure your guests always have the best experience.

Guest reviews are extremely important on Airbnb. They are an invaluable asset for your Airbnb property.

Each review significantly increases your ranking on Airbnb search and increases the chances of future guests booking your property.

They play a pivotal role in shaping your property’s reputation, influencing potential guests’ decisions, and ultimately driving bookings.

Reviews build trust and credibility. Positive reviews serve as endorsements of your property’s quality and your hospitality as a host. They build trust among potential guests who are considering your listing. Reviews from previous guests act as social proof, reassuring new guests that your property delivers on its promises.

The reviews left for your serviced accommodation will influence other people’s booking decisions. Positive reviews can sway potential guests toward booking your property over others. They highlight the unique features, comfort, and overall experience your property offers.

Remember to always encourage your guests to leave reviews as properties with higher ratings and positive reviews are often prioritised in Airbnb search results. This improved visibility increases the likelihood of your property being seen by potential guests, leading to more enquiries and future bookings.

If you do ever encounter a negative review about your property, remember to not let emotions get the best of you and reply in a professional, level headed manner. Avoid becoming defensive, even if you disagree with the feedback, address the specific concerns raised by the guest in a respectful manner and show that you are listening and taking their feedback seriously.


If your Airbnb business applies all of the points mentioned, not only will you see an increase in bookings but also a HUGE increase in cashflow coming into your bank account every month – win, win!

If you are interested in scaling your Airbnb business to the next level make sure to join our Serviced Accommodation Discovery Day. These events are always at capacity every month, so don’t delay in reserving your place now and our friendly team will get you booked on for the next available date.

Lewis Gilbert