Mydeposits custodial scheme – new platform launched by Total Property

Eddie Hooker

Total Property has launched a new platform for its mydeposits custodial scheme members.

This follows the brand launch of Total Property, part of the HFIS group, in February, which brought all group property products and services under one roof. 

The new platform incorporates features that are inspired by feedback from mydeposits members and designed to overcome pain points that members have raised, saving time, streamlining communication, and increasing ease of compliance.  

As part of the new Total Property platform, tenants are also given the choice to be able to donate any accrued interest to the chosen property charity, Centrepoint.  

Eddie Hooker, founder and CEO of mydeposits, said: “This launch is a historic milestone for mydeposits and the HFIS group. Since mydeposits began in 2007, we have been steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible service for our customers and have always sought to offer innovative solutions to streamline processes and support constructive communication across all parties.

“The launch of our new platform is the culmination of our vision to transform the way landlords, agents and tenants interact with us. And this is just the beginning! We will continue to keep you updated as we move through our platform upgrade roadmap and new features are released.” 

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