New pledge to ban Section 21 evictions as renters promised three-year tenancies under proposals

Sir Ed Davey

Renters would by default get three-year tenancies in new agreements under plans in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto.

Party leader Sir Ed Davey pledged a “fair deal for renters” as he outlined the Lib Dems’ proposals for government.

They also include a ban on Section 21 evictions and a national register of licensed landlords.

Sir Ed said: “Across the country, thousands of renters are at risk of losing their homes at the mercy of exploitative no-fault evictions.

“The Conservatives promised to implement a ban back in 2019, but after five years of infighting, they have failed to honour that commitment.

“That is why Liberal Democrats today are announcing our fair deal for renters.”

He pointed out that more than 21,000 renters had faced a Section 21 eviction notice since Theresa May first pledged to outlaw them in 2019.

Meanwhile, Sir Ed, who unveiled his party’s manifesto yesterday, stressed that the Lib Dems would fund a £9.4 billion package for the NHS and social care in England by increasing taxes for banks and closing loopholes used by the very wealthy.

The Tories will set out their election pledges today, while other major political parties are expected to follow suit within days.

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