What are the main political parties promising when it comes to housing?


With the polls now open for the 2024 general election, political parties are vying for votes, with promises covering taxes, immigration and education, among a host of other manifesto commitments. But what are the main parties proposing when it comes to housing?

Here is a recap:

The Conservatives pledge to build 1.6m homes, prioritising brownfield development. They would permanently abolish stamp duty tax for first-time buyers of properties costing up to £425,000. This threshold was raised temporarily0 and is due to revert to £300,000 in March 2025.

Labour vow to develop 1.5m homes, reform planning rules, prioritise development on brownfield and what it calls “grey belt” land. It wants to extend an existing scheme, which helps people get a mortgage with a smaller deposit and is backing more rights for renters.

The Liberal Democrats want to deliver additional social housing and new “garden cities”. They support local authorities that want to end the “right to buy” policy for council housing, ban no-fault evictions, make three-year tenancies the default, and create a national register of licensed landlords.

The Green Party would invest in new social housing and bring empty properties back into use. They would set higher environmental standards for new builds and would require more affordable units. They support rent controls and an eviction ban.

The Scottish National Party has declared a national housing emergency and is promising funding for new affordable homes across Scotland, including for rural and islands projects.

Plaid Cymru would expand social housing and support the Welsh construction industry. The party would allow local authorities to buy back more second homes and holiday lets. They want a ban on no-fault evictions and rent controls.

Reform would fast-track planning, offer tax incentives for development on brownfield sites and give tax breaks to small-scale landlords. People born in the UK would be given priority for social housing.

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