Armed Forces Day: Journey To Property Investing Success


We want to honour Armed Forces Day and show support to the people who make up the Armed Forces community. Anyone who is on a career path that they don’t love needs to know there could be a prosperous future ahead of you. Two of our favourite trainers were part of the Armed Forces. Ex-Regimental Sergeant Major, Kevin Poneskis and ex-Chief Petty Officer Dan Eaton. They made the successful transition from the Armed Forces into property investing with the help of Progressive’s property education.

Journey from the armed forces to property investing

Kevin Poneskis’ Story

Kevin Poneskis, ex-Regimental Sergeant Major’s work life was hectic. He served in the Balkans conflict in Bosnia and Kosovo and did two tours of Afghanistan.

He was also raising his daughter as a single parent while in the army. Having to pay crippling fees for boarding school was trapping him further into his job. 

Before getting trained in property, Kevin’s portfolio was losing him money and making him feel more trapped. His Dad told him to invest in property when he was a young soldier. This was good advice but unfortunately he didn’t tell Kevin how to do it correctly. This resulted in LOTS of mistakes.

Once he knew there was such a thing as Property Investment education, Kevin found Progressive Property in 2013. A couple of years later he started teaching property investing with Progressive Property. It’s now an honour and a privilege to help people “sack the boss” just like he did. 

Property investing is not easy, it’s hard work. But in Kevin’s opinion, it’s the best hard work anyone can do. By implementing what he had learnt he was able to leave the Army without the need to get a job and wasn’t working for someone else.

After leaving the Army on 11/11/11, Kevin became a full time property investor. He now has 60 properties and a monthly cashflow of £30K-50K. So what property strategy has allowed him to do this? Serviced Accommodation property investing.

Similarly to a hotel, you take a property and charge by the night, week or month. Giving the opportunity to increase cashflow by up to 500% more profit from buy-to-let properties.

With the staycation BOOM in 2020/2021 continuing in 2022, Serviced Accommodation is the HOTTEST property strategy. Savvy property investors are now cashing in on serviced accommodation properties.

Dan Eaton’s Story

Similarly to Kevin, Dan Eaton was in the Navy and being deployed away for the majority of his time. He was spending a lot of time away from his children which just didn’t work well for what he wanted in his family life. 

Dan decided that this wasn’t the career path for him any longer. He joined the corporate world in the same footsteps as some of his Royal Navy colleagues who had done that before him.

Dan got into the world of IT and Project Management. He began working away as a consultant at other companies’ sites. Dan quickly realised he was spending just as much time away from his children as he was in the Navy and needed a way out.

He was then invited by an old friend from the Navy to Progressive Property’s flagship event Multiple Stream of Property Income

Sitting there, learning from all of the expert trainers, Dan quickly realised that what he was doing in the corporate world was exactly what he could be doing in the property world: i.e. different parties agreeing terms, with contracts.

He realised that property wasn’t a different world. He just didn’t understand how to do it to begin with and needed to learn. Dan became a delegate of Progressive Property by starting with Serviced Accommodation and before moving to Commercial Conversions.

He thought at the time that he needed to do a different property strategy before Commercial Conversions. The truth is you don’t need to be a property expert to start with Commercial Conversions. You just need to know the system and how to implement it correctly.

Now Dan is going from project to project and making HUGE money, much faster than anyone could do with single buy-to-lets.

Looking to switch careers to property investing?

Commercial property conversions are one of the HOTTEST property strategies around, especially in 2022. With the impact of COVID a lot of commercial units are lying empty. Old commercial units can be turned into residential goldmines, you just need to know how.

In one commercial deal you can make what most investors struggle to make in 10 buy-to-let property deals!

Kevin and Dan specialise in two of the HOTTEST property strategies around, that are making investors BIG MONEY right now. Serviced Accommodation and Commercial Conversions.

They want you to know that whether you’re in the Armed Forces, or are in an unfulfilling job and want to sack the boss, OR, you just want to improve your future – property investing is for you.

Thousands of people just like you have achieved financial freedom from investing in property.

Join Progressive Property to begin your property investing journey

That’s why you are being personally invited to join both Kevin and Dan on their EXCLUSIVE webinar on Monday the 27th of June at 7pm to learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get started on your property investing journey.

They want you to know that whether you’re in the Armed Forces, or are in an unfulfilling job and want to sack the boss, OR, you just want to improve your future – property investing is for you.

Thousands of people just like you have achieved financial freedom from investing in property.

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