Bracknell’s Thriving Community Spirit Supports Positive Population Growth


Originally a small market town, Bracknell has long been known for its tight-knit community and a strong sense of togetherness. The community spirit in Bracknell is one of many appealing aspects of the town and has not only attracted newcomers looking for great social amenities and a sense of belonging, but has also inspired residents to stay and engage actively in the local life.

Here we take a look at Bracknell’s thriving community landscape and the town’s growing appeal to the homebuyer market.

Bracknell Town Centre Community Spaces

It’s no secret that the South East has transformed through a number of ambitious regeneration schemes, and this has contributed to a surge in homebuyer confidence within the region.

In Bracknell, major developments such as The Lexicon Shopping Centre and Princess Square have only added to the community feel by creating new social and cultural hubs for residents to enjoy. This, paired with an extensive list of retailers, food and entertainment, as well as vibrant meeting spaces means people living in Bracknell are never short of opportunities to get involved in the local community and socialise.

In fact, Bracknell town centre’s transformation was crowned Winner of Activation at The Pineapple Awards 2022, celebrating its placemaking and place-led initiatives and the positive social and economic impacts on the local community. With location and local amenities being considerable deciding factors in homebuyer decisions, it is no wonder that Bracknell is one of SevenCapital’s top property hotspots for first-time buyers and is highly regarded by residents.

Bracknell’s Growing Population

The Office for National Statistics Census data revealed that, in the ten years between 2011 and 2021, Bracknell’s population increased by 10.1%, from around 113,200 in 2011 to 124,600 in 2021. This growth is higher than both the South East (7.5%) and England as a whole (6.6%), highlighting Bracknell’s welcoming charm and appeal.

ONS midyear population estimates also revealed that, since The Lexicon Shopping Centre opened in 2017, Bracknell experienced a 3.99% increase up to 2021. During the same period, records show that the South East region in general experienced a 2.35% population increase, highlighting how regeneration has further reinforced the town’s allure.

Whilst this is a clear reflection of the transformation the town has gone through as a result of the 20-year regeneration plan, it’s not just regeneration that has improved the local community.

Community Groups in Bracknell

Bracknell has cultivated a strong sense of togetherness through a plethora of local organisations, clubs, and community initiatives; ranging from sports clubs and cultural associations to volunteering organisations – all of which have contributed to the town’s unique and welcoming atmosphere.

As well as an abundance of active community centres in the area, these community groups serve as the foundation of social interaction, support, and positive change within the community. These include:

  • Bracknell Forest Community Hubs: The Community Hubs are located across Bracknell and provide a range of services and activities for the community.
  • The Bracknell Forest Community Network, Bracknell Forest Volunteer Centre, and Bracknell Forest Community Hubs all play a vital role in supporting the community in Bracknell.
  • Bracknell Forest Community Network (BFCN): The BFCN provides a range of support services to people in the community, including mental health support, social activities, and employment advice.
  • Bracknell Forest Volunteer Centre: The Volunteer Centre helps people to find volunteer opportunities in Bracknell. They also provide support and training to volunteers.

Bracknell Town Council are committed to providing funding to community groups and local organisations which deliver services to the local community through two initiatives: the Small Grants Scheme and a larger Annual Grant.

Whether you’re into gardening, music, sports, or charity work, there is likely a community group in Bracknell that aligns with your interests.

Community Events in Bracknell

Bracknell also hosts a wide array of community events throughout the year, creating opportunities for residents and visitors to come together. These events cater to diverse interests and demographics. The annual Bracknell Festival, for instance, showcases live music, food stalls, and various entertainment options, serving as a focal point for social interaction.

Similarly, Bracknell Farmers’ Market – held every Friday and Saturday outside Princess Square – offers fresh, locally sourced meats, fruits and vegetables and a chance for the community to connect with local farmers and artisans, supporting small independent businesses in the area.

Cultural events like art exhibitions, theatre performances, and heritage fairs celebrate the town’s history and artistic talents. Additionally, charity runs, sports tournaments, and environmental initiatives encourage active community participation. These events not only foster a stronger sense of community but also contribute to Bracknell’s identity as a town that values social engagement and inclusivity.

The Grand Exchange: Creating Communities

At SevenCapital, we strongly believe in building and strengthening communities by working collaboratively with and enhancing local communities, taking unused or brownfield land and breathing new life into it.

We are committed to building high-quality apartments which simultaneously create a positive community feel for resident who live there.

Our exciting new apartments for sale in Bracknell, The Grand Exchange, is approaching completion. As well as benefitting from a great location – just 2 minutes’ walk from Bracknell Train Station and less than 10 minutes’ walk to The Lexicon Shopping Centre – residents can enjoy several resident-only amenities such as a gym, spa treatment rooms as well as a garden room and co-working space for those who want to work from home in a collaborative environment.

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