How To Create Multiple Streams of Property Income


Simply relying on buy-to-let properties to get you out of your job, fund your retirement and create lifelong wealth is not enough. You need to have multiple streams of property income to diversify your portfolio and guarantee generational wealth. Choose which streams best suit you below.

Our TOP ways to create Multiple Streams of Property Income

Buy-Refurbish-Rent-Refinance (BRRR)

Buy-Refurbish-Rent-Refinance, also known as BRRR, does what it says on the tin. Buy a property, refurbish it, rent it out for cashflow and remortgage the property to release the invested funds.

Add value to your property

BRRR is achieved when you buy a property and ADD VALUE through refurbishment. The refurbishment should be mainly cosmetic. If a property needs a new roof or rewiring then step away from that deal. You then refinance at the higher value in order to recycle your funds for your next investment.

Buy property Below Market Value

Buying a property discounted or Below Market Value (known as BMV) is one way to create built-in equity within the property. By negotiating discounts you can create a chunk of equity that will be released when you refinance the property or sell it on.

Buy Below Market Value and add value

The best situation to be in is to buy a property that you can add value through cosmetic refurbishment AND that you purchase at below market value. This is one of the best ways to recycle your money back out as well as creating a cash-flowing asset.

No Money Down

This is NOT a property investment strategy, it is how you deliver the strategy. Many people think this is a scam, it’s not. You can really do No Money Down property deals.

Have you ever wondered how some people can build property portfolios of 40, 50, 100, 500 properties while you struggle to save for a deposit for one? That’s because they’re not saving to buy a property, they’re thinking differently. Below are some of the most popular No Money Down techniques.

Lease Options

This is the lease of a building with the option to buy it later. You assume control of the asset and have the “right” to buy, but not the “obligation” to buy it. 

To start you pay a small initial upfront payment (can be as little as £1). You then make a monthly payment (the mortgage amount), and then a final payment when you exercise your option to buy (the outstanding mortgage balance).

The only difference between buying a house and taking it on as an option to buy later is the contract.

Rent-2-Own or Rent-2-Buy

This is perfect for anyone who wants to own their own home but can’t at this exact time.

It allows someone to move into one of your properties on a rental agreement with a separate option to buy the property, on or before an agreed future date where the purchase price is agreed upfront. On signing the agreement the tenant assumes control of the property as a Tenant Buyer.


When most landlords want to find tenants they usually go to a Letting’s Agent. When the Letting Agents can’t find a tenant the property lies empty and the landlord makes no money.

But, with Rent-2-Rent you are offering the landlord guaranteed rent for their property every single month for an agreed time frame where they get paid whether the property is tenanted or not. You will typically cover all of the maintenance and management costs and give the house back at the end of the agreed term in the same or better condition. 

You then rent the property on to other people and benefit from the difference between the rental income you receive and payment to the landlord.

Serviced Accommodation

Serviced Accommodation is where you charge guests by the night, or by the week, just like a hotel. 

It is the HOTTEST property strategy around right now. There has never been a better time to get involved because of the staycation booms and increase in corporate bookings.

There is high demand for short stay accommodation in towns, cities and holiday destinations. People often prefer the home from home experience of having the entire property to themselves over an expensive hotel room. 

In order to be successful with Serviced Accommodation you need to identify your ‘Goldmine Area’, know as your target market. Know what types of properties work best for serviced accommodation, determine your competitors, understand your costs and more.

Deal Packaging

This property strategy involves packaging deals you don’t want for yourself. You then sell them on to other investors in exchange for immediate, up front cash profit. Some deals can average more than £3,000 per deal (in London some Deal Packagers make £10,000 per deal!).

No matter what you’re doing in property, Deal Packaging compliments every other property strategy. This is because you can package: buy-to-lets, serviced accommodation, rent-to-rent, houses of multiple occupation, commercial conversions and more.

Deal Packaging is the ability to acquire any property, in any strategy. You then have the choice of selling it on and cash-flowing yourself or keeping it and benefiting from the monthly income while the property appreciates in capital growth year on year. 

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and Multi-lets

In the current economic climate the demand for rooms is growing fast. In and around town and city centres more houses and flats are being converted into room lets. 

The cost of living is getting higher and the population is continuously growing. This means that more and more people are looking for affordable housing. So, many people rent rooms in HMOs.

Great sources of HMO tenants are: students, contractors looking for short term lets, recently divorced people and single people looking for a more sociable lifestyle than living on their own.

With HMOs the cashflow is significantly higher than a single let. 

Commercial Conversions

This is when an investor buys a commercial property and converts it into one or more residential units. 

Investors want to do this because updating an old or disused building improves the area. It can be easier to find commercial buildings to convert than land to build on. Existing buildings have foundations, walls and ceilings therefore saving on cost and time. 

Plus, the profits from commercial conversions are significantly bigger and don’t entail more work for the developer.

Commercial property conversions is one of the HOTTEST property strategies around, especially in 2022 with the impact of COVID and a lot of commercial units lying empty.

Demand for homes in the UK has never been higher. The only two ways that we can meet it is by redeveloping commercial units or building new homes from the ground up. 

Old commercial units can be turned into residential goldmines, in one commercial deal you can make what most investors struggle to make in 10 buy-to-let property deals!

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